How To Stop Obsessing Over A Guy

Getting over someone can be really hard. Whether it’s your longterm boyfriend or a fling you were expecting to go somewhere, but fizzled. The heartbreak can just as bad depending on your level of attachment.

1. Don’t mourn what could have been, think about what actually happened

A lot of us women, myself included, get ahead of ourselves in relationships. We start imagining what it would be like for the person we are seeing to be our boyfriend. Start fantasizing doing things together, and sometimes, even a life together.

For this reason, it is important to give yourself a reality check when exiting any level of relationship with a man. Stop mourning what could have been and think about what actually happened. I am telling you, this is one of the most helpful things you can do to get over someone.

He may have promised you the world. But did any of the things he spoke of so fondly actually happen? Lack of follow-through is something many a douchebag suffer from so if this guy wasn’t the one there is a chance he may have talked a big game but never backed it up with action. It is important that we always focus on what happened, rather than what was, sometimes falsely, promised to us.

2. Block his number

Now, this can be a hard one. It seems so final and someone juvenile, but it’s not. It will stop you from constantly checking your phone in hopes that he may be contacting you and will get you used to expecting zero contact from the guy at hand.

Also, if you want to block him for the above reasons but are curious about what he could be texting you here is a little trick. Set up iMessage on your computer, laptop or iPad. His messages will still go through on other devices, just not your iPhone. Calls on the other hand, well those are lost. However, you can still receive voicemails from the creep so if he’s really trying to get you back you will know.

3. Start eating clean and get back to the gym

I cannot emphasize this enough! Remember you aren’t doing this to get back at the guy. Yes, it would be ideal to be looking your best the next time you run into the looser. But this is for you. Start following a healthy routine to help better your life.

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