5 Reasons Why Relationships Make You Gain Weight

Weight Gain

We all like the idea of being in a relationship with the right person. There are many positive benefits that come with a romantic relationship. However, with any relationship comes change, and any change in your life can affect you both mentally and physically. One of the major downfalls that many experiences while in a relationship is weight gain. Let’s explore just why so many of us pack on the pounds when we are in a committed relationship.

1. You start skipping the gym

When you start dating someone you want to spend a lot of time with them. This means that less of your time is spent on your and doing the things you need to do to stay happy and healthy outside of the relationship. It is easy to skip the gym to spend time with your new significant other. Tip: Instead of skipping the gym to spend time with your new partner, why not hit the gym together. Best of both worlds.

2. You get used to the same person seeing you naked

As weird as this one might sound, it’s a real problem. When you see the same person naked time and time again it is easy to turn a blind eye to weight gain. If you aren’t receiving a positive or negative reaction to what your body looks like without clothes on, you too might not put as much emphasis on your outward appearance.

3. You don’t need to attract anyone new

As your relationship matures you start to get more and more comfortable. This is a great thing, but can also be a bad thing because you no longer feel the need to win the attention of your partner. Tip: Why not keep the love alive and look your best, not only to win the attention of your significant other but also for yourself.

4. Your significant other is always giving you compliments

Everyone likes receiving compliments, especially from loved ones. But just because the person you with adores you, doesn’t mean it’s ok to let yourself go. It’s important to take your reflection for what it is when you look in the mirror and believe the scale when it tells you, you have packed on a few extra pounds. Don’t make yourself crazy, but be aware of a potential weight problem before it goes too far by keeping a realistic eye on what you look like.

5. You start to eat what they eat

We get it, you love the person you are with. That is why you are together. But that doesn’t mean you need to adopt their poor eating habits. Stay true to yourself and be realistic about how much food you can or cannot eat in order to maintain a healthy weight. Tip: Instead of taking on your partners poor eating habits, why not help them adopt some of your healthier food routines?

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