Threading, Waxing Or Tweezing? Which One Is Best For Your Skin


Hair removal is never a pleasant experience no matter what part of your body it is coming from. However, in light of current beauty trends, bushy eyebrows seem to be here to stay. Although we will always be nostalgic for boy bands and Kate Moss’s pencil-thin eyebrows, we would rather keep the past in the past and avoid tweezing our eyebrows into a check mark.

The watering eyes, the irrevocable redness, and the mini heartbeat we feel on our poor upper eyelids. When will we find the best solution for our majestic, flowing-in-the-wind eyebrows that took so long to grow out? After all, let’s face it – we spent a good chunk of time grooming our eyebrows through an awkward growth phase that can only be compared to that random growth spurt we got during sophomore year of high school and we don’t want to mess that up.

So what are we to do when it comes time to tame our wild forehead beasts? Do we wax, tweeze, or partake in the mesmerizing art of eyebrow threading? Well, we are about to break it down for you so you can maintain your grown lady flow that you have so rightfully earned.


Although waxing is aggregated in the same category as tweezing and threading, it is an entirely different entity all its own. Unlike the others, waxing involves putting on hot wax with a spatula only to have it tugged off by a brave salon tech that stands there hoping you won’t yell obscenities at her after the fact.

If you have the ability to be facetious, there are plenty of benefits to waxing. For example, if you take the proper precautions, waxing can last for weeks and will be much more gentle on the hair shaft and follicle than threading. We don’t want to lose the hair on our eyebrows long term (even the pesky ones) so the less damage, the better. It is also suggested that you properly lubricate the skin and hair follicle beforehand to ensure a smoother, less painful exit.

Now for the catch, if you find yourself on a budget and feel as though heading over to a cheap salon is worth the buttery smooth under-brows and legs, think again. Improper waxing can lead to loss of collagen in your skin and unsightly ingrown hairs. Long story short, don’t skimp on the good stuff so you can keep your good stuff looking good.


Threading has been a guilty pleasure to watch for all of us scrolling through social media in the wee hours of the night, but is it really giving your brows the tender love and care that they deserve?

Much to our surprise, threading is not very effective when it comes to grabbing the hair and removing it from the root. Most times it just breaks it off at the surface like a bad tinder date.

Other times it splits the hair and causes inflammation. Both of these can result in permanent hair loss or loss of hair quality. With that being said, perhaps we recommend staying away from threading for the time being.


For generations, women have spent a lot of time in front of a fogged up mirror with our family member instructing us on how to inflict pain on our faces. Tweezing is a classic, a vintage staple of our youth and brings us back to the ominous saying, “no pain, no gain.”

When it comes to tweezing, the end result doesn’t come as quickly as we would like, but tweezing is said to be the best for ensuring facial symmetry and preventing hair loss. Permanent hair loss is prevented with tweezing because it follows the natural direction of the hair and follicle while mustering up the courage to yank it out as quickly as possible. By doing this, we don’t damage the follicle or hair itself.

The downside is the obvious, the pain. To better ensure a pleasurable tweezing experience, tweeze your brows right after your shower to open up your pores and reduce the pain. Applying pressure to the area afterward has helped millions let out their frustration as well as disperse the fiery halo that is your brow bone. So let out that rage and make those brows Beyoncé worthy.

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